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Why HueLaces?

HueLaces offers satin, organza, tulle and grosgrain laces in a vast spectrum of colors.

With over 170 textile choices , a dozen tip finishes, and 6 length options, HueLaces offers over 12 thousand unique shoelace combinations.  No distributor can buy, stock and sell such a large number of options, and no mainstream manufacturer can produce thousands of one-off laces.  HueLaces are assembled to order in the USA, so whatever the length, fabric and color you need to complement your inventory, HueLaces can make them. 

HueLaces has low-volume wholesale pricing (minimum order quantity is only 12 pairs, and no two pairs have to be alike), and we offer a resale solution for special customer orders on single pairs, so you don't even have to carry an inventory of HueLaces to offer them to your customers.

Sound Familiar?

"These sneakers look too much like everyone else's." - or -  "If only these thick-soled boots were more feminine." -  or -  "These oxfords would be perfect if they came in green."

With some colorful, frilly tulle in those everyone-has-them sneakers, a big sheer organza  or shiny satin bow for those treaded boots, and some tidy green grosgrain for those brown oxfords, the perfect shoes are just a change of laces away!

Looking for Something?

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