Colorful Satin, Organza, Tulle and Grosgrain Laces

About HueLaces

On a whim, we decided to make and sell a single style of satiny pink shoelaces at our retail jewelry store. The customer response was amazing, and requests for more colors and lengths kept coming in. It soon became clear that there were many women (and even men!) out there looking for colorful shoelaces in materials besides cotton, so an online retail store was opened for shoelaces-only that expanded materials and tip finish selections. Orders poured in from all over the world with hundreds of happy customers.

With a background in business sales solutions, accounting, retail management and design the owner expanded once again, and HueLaces was born to bring this unique shoelace offering exclusively to small/medium retailers in a wholesale forum. The original shoelaces-only retail store still remains open under different branding to keep a constant pulse on customer trends that will continue to benefit our resale customers.

What Customers Are Saying

Really gorgeous laces, what a great find!   ~   Awesome laces and well made   ~   Adorable!   ~  I used these to overhaul some boots, and I get tons of compliments on them   ~   Really beautiful laces   ~   5 Stars all the way!   ~   So much fun to show them off!   ~   Very cute and very bright   ~   Will be back for more!   ~   Awesome shoelaces!   ~  The exact color I needed!!!!!   ~   Great shoelaces, thanks so much!!!   ~   They are all so beautiful   ~   I'm going to need some more!   ~   I absolutely love these shoelaces in my high tops   ~   Colorful and well-made laces   ~   Really made my sneakers stand out in the crowd   ~   My shoelaces are perfect!   ~    My shoes look simply amazing!   ~   Super cute   ~    They look great in my oxfords!   ~   Love these laces!   ~   Exactly what I was looking for    ~   Stepped up my masculine menswear oxfords a decidedly feminine notch   ~   Great quality custom laces   ~   Just what I needed   ~   Great, inexpensive way to change up short boots   ~   These laces are great!   ~   Really adds something to my shoes   ~    They are really fun!!!   ~   I love these!    ~   They look so nice!   ~   The laces are beautiful and fit lovely in my brogues   ~   Beautiful! Looks really great with any ordinary boots or shoes   ~   Totally cute!   ~   Perfect with my new shoes!   ~   Love them!   ~   So adorable!   ~   Love them and have gotten lots of compliments!


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